Star Writers Discuss Writing, Censorship, Janet Jackson’s Breast

Superstar scribes George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Julie Delpy, Nicole Holofcener, John Ridley, Danny Strong and Jonas Cuaron tell The Hollywood Reporter the secrets of how they work, the public figures they really want to write about and how Janet Jackson’s breast impacted their work.

Of how the famed Janet Jackson Super Bowl halftime “wardrobe malfunction” impacted his work, Clooney said: Grant [Heslov} and I have been writing for over 30 years together, and we've been through [studio and network] processes. Good Night, and Good Luck began as a live television show, and everything was going great, and then Janet Jackson took her breast out on live TV and CBS goes, “You’re out!” And we were sitting in the office like, “What happened?”

Think we didn’t all lose something by the fact that Good Night, and Good Luck was not broadcast on live TV? The then- FCC’s crusade against so-called “indecency” was not “victimless.”  In fact, the American public was the victim.