Creative Voices’ Comments to FCC in 2006 Media Ownership Proceeding

Misguided FCC media ownership policies harm competition, diversity of viewpoints, and localism – the Commission’s key policy goals in regulating media ownership – and prevent the American public from receiving better broadcast television, the Center for Creative Voices in Media told the Commission in comments filed today.

Former FCC Chairman Newton Minow once famously referred to television as a “vast wasteland.” By harming competition, diversity of viewpoints, and localism, recent ill-considered FCC media ownership policies have had the unintended consequence of making that “wasteland” vaster. In its current media ownership proceeding, the Commission must reverse these policies and remedy these consequences, so that the public gets what all would agree is truly in the public interest – better television.


Additional Materials

  • Creative Voices’ 2006 FCC Comments — Press Release — 10/23/2006 (32KB)