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What is the Center for Creative Voices in Media?

Tens of thousands of writers, directors, producers, performers, musicians, and other talented professionals give life to our nation’s popular and literary art and entertainment. But the ability of these creative artists to do their best work has been severely compromised by excessively concentrated media ownership. Our nation’s democracy and culture depend on a vital and diverse “marketplace of ideas.” When independent, creative voices are locked out of that marketplace by media conglomerate “gatekeepers,” not only are the artists harmed, so is the public. As a nation, America is poorer for a homogenized media concentrated in the hands of a few corporate behemoths that too willingly sacrifice creativity before the altar of maximum profits.

The Center for Creative Voices in Media is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preserving in America’s media the original, independent, and diverse creative voices that enrich our nation’s culture and safeguard its democracy.

Until January 2004, the Center for Creative Voices in Media was known as the Center for the Creative Community. The new name better reflects our mission and work.

Mission Statement

To safeguard and enrich the vitality and diversity of our nation’s democracy and culture, the Center for Creative Voices in Media will educate legislators, regulators, jurists, the press, and the public on the significant social benefits the American people will realize when our nation’s media environment nurtures and supports independent, original, diverse, and creative voices.

To accomplish this mission, the Center shall:

educate creative artists, legislators, regulators, jurists, the press, and the general public on legal, regulatory, judicial, and other actions that will significantly impact the creative voice in the media environment.
promote a media environment that provides sufficient opportunities for creative artists, utilizing current and future technologies, to reach an audience.
promote artistic freedom and diversity.
publish a newsletter and/or a website.
initiate articles, op-ed pieces, and other educational and research materials.
sponsor educational events.
qualify as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and maintain such qualification.
engage in other activities that will support the mission of the Center for Creative Voices in Media.


Financial Support

The Center for Creative Voices in Media is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation supported by grants, charitable contributions, and donations from foundations and individuals. We have received generous grant support from the Knowledge, Creativity & Freedom Program of the Ford Foundation, the Center for the Public Domain, the Anonymous Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation, the Media Justice Fund — Immediate Response of the Funding Exchange, as well as donations of all sizes from individuals.

We welcome your tax-deductible support. For more information, please contact us at the link below or, to donate securely online, click here.

Our Staff

Jonathan Rintels is the President and Executive Director of the Center for Creative Voices in Media. Mr. Rintels has written or co-written one episode of Law & Order and nine movies for television, including Snowbound: The Jim and Jennifer Stolpa Story, one of the highest rated movies for television of the 1990′s. He is also the author of a new novel, Lifemobile. For three decades, he has been a member of the Writers Guild of America, west, a union of nearly 10,000 writers of film and television. He is a former Chairman and Trustee of the Writers Guild health and pension plans, with combined assets of nearly a billion and a half dollars. Mr. Rintels is also an attorney admitted to practice in Washington, D.C. He founded the Center in Fall 2002.

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